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Taxi Fårö Cab 0498 22 35 94

Fårö  Cab is your Cab on Fårö.
Fårö Cab can be reached  24 hours daily throughout year. You can pre-book by phone 0498-22 35 94. There are built-in seats for children under the age of four. For smaller children we have a baby-seat, please ask for it when booking. When you travel from Fårö to Visby there is a fixed rate, please ask for it when booking. If you are catching the bus to the ferry, you can book a cab from the ferry at Broa. The ferry leaves twice an hour, on the hour and half past, (departing from Fårö about ten minutes later). During the summer season, the ferry goes off-schedule into shuttle traffic mode.  After 10 pm until 5 am, the ferry only leaves if the staff has been notified in advance. Phone 0771-65 65 65

Fårö Cab

Tel: 0498/22 35 94  E-post: info@farocab.se